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The Initial Filing
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Disability Benefits Attorney

I offer a free consultation, and my SSDI clients do not pay legal fees unless they win their claims.

Toll-Free: 1-888-616-6162

Filing the Initial SSDI Application

Initial claims for Social Security disability are decided by a state agency under contract with the Social Security Administration.

Some advocates do not accept cases while the claim is before the state agency on the assumption that nothing can be done at this level to secure a favorable decision.

I find that the earlier that I enter the case the more likely that the case will be won, and the more likely that it will be won without having to wait many months for a hearing.

I prefer to have my clients apply for benefits with my assistance. What you say on the initial application can and will be used against you at all stages of the claims process. On the other hand, a properly prepared application can make the difference between receiving an early approval of your claim and having to appeal a denial.

Contact the Law Offices of Stuart Pastor for an Appointment

If you are looking for assistance with your social security disability benefits claim, I invite you to contact one of my three offices to schedule a free initial consultation.

Three Convenient Office Locations:
In Austin: 512-687-3443
In Dallas: 214-800-2022
In Plano: 972-599-2600

Toll Free: 888-616-6162

Or send an e-mail.